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Jo-Tom-Lemke-Athens-2014When we were younger we backpacked around the world. We still travel light, but we don’t always travel so cheap. There is a middle ground where adventure, culture and rich experiences meet the average person’s pocket book. We travel in that space.

I’m an early riser; I go nuts if I don’t get some morning coffee. Early in the day I have the world pretty much to myself and I’m usually out photographing then. If I can I’ll avoid a crowd. When I write my blogs it is usually with a good glass of red wine.

Joanne sleeps a little later. She combs pages of guide books, web sites and travel literature to find the best places to be. She is a planner. I’m a dreamer. We get along very well.

4 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. margo pohland

    Joanne & Tom- LOVE reading your blogs about your travels. I’ve never been an explorer like you two. Travel isn’t something that drives me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the windows to the world that you open to us. Thank you! and be safe.

    1. Tom Post author

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment Margo. Travel is a passion for Joanne and me and we’re glad we can share our experiences through this blog. Working on stories and photos helps focus our travel and actually increases the intensity of the experience. Thanks again for reading.

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