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Goreme Turkey – Photographing Cappadocia’s Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons rising over the strange landscape of Capaddocia is a sight that will get any photographer’s mind buzzing.  To be assured of this buzz, get up well before sunrise, drink lots of Turkish Coffee, be sure to grab your tripod and then head up to Sunset Point in Goreme.  You should ask directions from your hotel manager, but it’s basically uphill from the downtown mosque.  It is a steady climb uphill but the walk won’t take much more than 10 minutes if you take your time.

Photographer and hot air balloons

Sunset Point in Gorme, Turkey, is a great place to photograph balloons.

In the morning twilight you’ll hear the balloons before you see them.  Below Sunset Point is one of the main staging areas and dozens of operators unload and light up noisy burners to inflate the big bags of gas. There are well worn trails on top of the hill allowing a variety of angles.  It just gets better as the morning goes on.  Burners glow, balloons inflate and then ascend. Be sure to dress for the weather, it can get cool and you may well be up there for a while.

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