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Photograph Selected for Display at No Studios – Milwaukee

Japanese Man in Parade
Man Adjusting Drawstring – Jidai Matsuri – Kyoto, Japan

I’m happy to announce that an image from my last visit to Japan was chosen for the Through Their Eyes exhibition at Milwaukee’s No Studios. The show runs from March 16th until the end of April, 2019. The photographs were selected from the work of artists belonging to the Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Through Their Eyes is a bold photography exhibition featuring 18 works by 14 CoPA photographers. A concise and elegant body of work, Through Their Eyes moves from powerful black and white images to stunning color examples of visual storytelling that are both intimate and global in nature. Reception / NŌ Studios Open House: March 16 / 10A – midnight

CoPA Website

The image “Man Adjusting Drawstring” – Jidai Matsuri – Kyoto, Japan was made in 2016. I’m always interested in how people carve out little private spaces for themselves; in this case even in the middle of a massive parade like the Jidai Matsuri. This man seems oblivious to the throngs of onlookers, and even his fellow marchers, as he pulls on the tight drawstring of his distinctive hat. If you would like to learn more you can read my blog about the autumn festival parade entitled Jidai Matsuri – Festival of Ages.

You can see more of my photographs in the photo galleries on my web site – CrossingUnevenGround.

NŌ Studios is a destination for creatives and lovers of art located in the heart of the historic Pabst Brewery complex. The 40,000 square foot headquarters is a fully equipped infrastructure featuring offices, a state-of-the-art screening room, performance stage, bar, and rooftop lounge.“The desire is to create a collaborative workspace and social community that offers an environment for artists and art lovers to come together.”
— John Ridley,  Studios founder, Academy-Award winning filmmaker and Milwaukee native

6 thoughts on “Photograph Selected for Display at No Studios – Milwaukee

  1. Joy Stacey

    Hi Tom,

    Loved the photograph they’ve chosen.
    I have just revisited your Jidai Matsuri blog and wondered how you found the characters’ identities in the procession. Knowing that adds to the enjoyment.
    And I had to read your D. T. Suzuki Museum piece again! So emotive for me. Something I loved about that place was the borrowed scenery, the shakkei, which was reflected in the pool. All the best,

  2. Kris Roepsch

    You have to love this man’s face as he makes himself comfortable. He not only lakes awareness of those around him, he lacks any self consciousness. Great capture.

    1. Tom Post author

      Thanks Kris, It’s great to be out photographing people and, hopefully, capturing a few interesting moments.

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