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Published – Wolf River Project

Images from my Wolf River Project are featured in a British digital publication – LE MAG.

Wolf River Scene
A Swell of Spring
A dip in the riverbed is revealed by the motion of the water.

Diaphanous, mysterious, energetic, impressionistic, wispy. These are just some of the qualities of imagery that long exposure photography reveals. When I set about to produce a body of work about Wisconsin’s Wolf River, I knew long exposures would be key to expressing my feelings about that special place.

You can see the whole story in LEMAG; click here.

Alone Below Sullivan Falls
I love the glow of light that appears from moving water.

What I didn’t know when I started this project was that long exposure photography had become so popular that it had become a genre. LE MAG – Long Exposure Magazine is the fine art publication that features work by photographers from around the world who are captivated by the irony of rendering motion to a “still” image.

Most of the images we consume every day are fragments of life frozen in time. If the shutter of your smart phone or “point and shoot” camera stayed open for more than about 1/15th of a second you’d see a blurry picture. Fast moving subjects like kids, pets and sports need a fast shutter speed to stop the action. Since, in general, we don’t want to see fuzzy pics of the family, most shutter speeds are set high to ensure crisp images. Folks who do long exposures love the blur, the randomness and the feeling that results from “dragging the shutter.” They tend to attach their cameras to tripods and set them to “manual.” The rigid platform of the tripod insures some of the image will be kept sharp. Clouds, waves, wind-swept botanicals and anything else that moves produce the blurry bits. Most of the images for the Wolf River Project were made with 30 second to two minute exposures.

Impatient Riveredge
This scene seems to explode with life. The water in motion energizes the image.

I’m incredibly grateful to LEMAG for the opportunity to share my work with their audience. It’s nice to see images from Central Wisconsin and the “Wild Wolf” share pages with images made from all around the world. I hope you get a chance to take a look. LEMAG, click here.

You can see more of my work on my photo website; click here.

The Wolf River runs through Central Wisconsin, USA. It is over 200 miles long with a 20 mile stretch of wild and scenic water in Langlade and Menomonee Counties. The Wolf is great for kayaking and fly fishing. It is also just plain beautiful.

7 thoughts on “Published – Wolf River Project

  1. Bev House Neumeier

    Way to go, Tom. The pictures are beautiful and have a life of their own.

  2. Tom Post author

    Thanks Margo, I’m hoping to get out to the Badlands for a camping trip this fall. Eager to get photographing out there again. Hope you all are well!

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