Crossing Uneven Ground

Wolf River Photograph Selected for Gallery

Wolf River in Wisconsin

Wolf River – Midstream Ice

I’m happy to announce that a Wolf River photograph of mine has been selected for a gallery show in Athens, Greece. Blank Wall Gallery is mounting an exhibit entitled “Dreamlike Landscapes” and my photograph “Wolf River – Midstream Ice” has been selected. The works of 20 photographers from around the world have been included in the show which runs in Athens from February 6 – 19. If you can’t make it to Greece you can check out the “Dreamlike Landscapes” exhibit on Blank Wall Gallery’s website at:

I’ve had a relationship with the Wolf River in Central Wisconsin my whole life. Early on it involved hiking, camping, rafting and when I was older, fishing. Fishing the Wolf gave me insights into the way the river worked. Spending hours with my father and brother, drifting flies behind rocks in the stream and into the deep dark pools seemed to slow down time, revealing subtle ebbs and flows that the casual observer might miss. Fishing is often best during the transitional light of morning and evening and so is photography. Now I walk the river at twilight with a camera, often making long exposures that blur the flow of the river. My journey along the river’s edge is spiritual. The river carries me across a dreamlike boundary that I can best describe with my photography.

My Wolf River project is a work in progress. I hope you can take a look at my images. See them at: Crossing Uneven Ground – The Wolf River Project

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My image, Wolf River – Midstream Ice was made near Langlade, Wisconsin, but the whole run of the Wolf in this area is beautiful.

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